A Winter Discovery

Returning to the characters of his first novel, When You Went Away, A Winter Discovery takes us again into the world of Gerry Rubato, a man who has been marked by loss and revived by love, and his son Reese, now six, who celebrates life at a remarkable level but is only now starting to understand that he was robbed of the chance of ever knowing his late mother. Reese is old enough now to get caught up in the excitement of the Christmas season and he throws himself into it with abandon. His sense of celebration takes on entirely new levels of meaning, though, when it leads him to an unexpected and most remarkable discovery.


A Winter Discovery is a novella that allowed me to do two things I’ve really wanted to do – return to the characters from When You Went Away to see how they were doing four years later, and to write a Christmas story. I think I’ve wanted to do the latter since seeing A Charlie Brown Christmas when I was five or six. Going back to these characters was even more fascinating than I expected it to be. I’d been imagining what had happened to them since I finished When You Went Away, but now that I was committing this to the page, I needed to fill in all kinds of details, and doing so made them come alive for me in surprising new ways.


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