Praise for Crossing the Bridge

“Writing eloquently about life, death, loss and love, Baron has a firm grasp on human frailty. This emotional story is about a man coming to terms with his past and trying to figure out his future. Excellent!”

– RT Book Reviews


“I fell into this story and the depth of emotions the author carries throughout…. Mr. Baron touches my heart and soul with his book. Telling a romantic story from the male perspective is not only a unique one, but breathtaking as well. I am looking forward to putting this on my shelf and re-reading this for many years to come.”

– Coffee Time Romance


"Michael Baron reveals his characters secrets in ways that make us care about them. Their search for love makes Crossing the Bridge a compelling read."

– Ann Pearlman, Author of The Christmas Cookie Club and Infidelity


“Michael Baron is an exceptionally gifted writer who is clever in delving into the inner feelings of his characters. The struggle he has portrayed for Hugh is nearly insurmountable and shows how much this character grows during his trials and tribulations. It's heartwarming to see how this family eventually pulls together in understanding and love for each other to learn to live again after death has torn them apart.”

– Fresh Fiction


“A love story that tugs on your heart from page one. The characters came to life to the point I didn't want the story to end….The characters took on a real-life quality whereas they could have been my family and friends. I highly recommend this warm and touching love story.”

– CMash Loves to Read


“This book was very emotional and really made me feel for the characters. It was hard to put down because I was so involved with the story that I needed to find out what happened next. If you like love stories that will make you cry, this is certainly one for you to read.”

– Confessions of an Overworked Mom


“This novel is a slow, elegant glide; with a heart. I am pleased to say that it stole a place in my heart – as well as on my shelf. The settings, details and characters are beautiful created. If you enjoy romantic novels, this is one for you!”

– Book Crazy


“Satisfaction. That warm, contented feeling you get after a good cup of hot tea, the first sip of a well-made latte, or waking up at 7.30 in the morning and realizing it's Saturday. This is the feeling I got after reading this novel by Michael Baron. It was immensely satisfying.”

    – [Insert Suitably Snappy Title Here]


“This was a masterpiece in character development stories with just enough intrigue and a few twists and catches to keep you reading without ever feeling like high action additions were vital. From the main characters to the minor ones to the extras, each character served a clear role in this book- they weren't being mentioned just to be there. Baron has done well with this novel and I will certainly be looking forward to more from him in the future.”

    – A Good Addiction


“A beautiful story of personal growth and love.”

    – My Book Retreat